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CFT Supports Move for Publicly-Elected Charter School Boards

After more than a decade as an area representative for United Teachers Los Angeles, Christopher Bianco Arellano was named the executive director of Tri-City Educators. Christopher Bianco Arellano is also active with other organizations, such as the California Democratic Party of which he is an elected delegate for AD51.

In 2019, the CFT endorsed the California Democratic Party’s update to its stance on charter schools. The party revised its platform to include language that would require the state’s charter schools to hold open elections for board member positions. Under current regulations, charter schools can elect board members with no public input. However, party leaders argue that charters must follow the same election process required of other public schools.

At the time of the party’s revised platform announcement, more than 1,000 California charter schools are not overseen by publicly-elected boards. California has more charter schools than any other state. Ten percent of all children in public schools attend charter schools.


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