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US Latino Population Grows in Size and Political Power

Los Angeles, California resident Christopher Bianco Arellano holds a doctorate in education from the Pepperdine University and is the executive director of Tri-City Educators. A member of the Democratic Party, Christopher Bianco Arellano is the president of Avance Democratic Club, which seeks to increase civic engagement in the growing US Latino population.

Hispanics’ share of the US population is growing and so is their political power, according to Pew Research Center. In 2019, the US Hispanic population reached 60.6 million, a 9.9 million increase from 50.7 million recorded in 2010. As a percentage, Hispanics comprised 18 percent of the US population in 2019. In 2010, they comprised 16 percent of the population.

A majority of these Latinos are US citizens. In 2018, 80 percent of Latinos living in the United States were US citizens meaning they were born in the United States and its territories, born outside the United States to US citizens, or immigrated to the United States and became naturalized citizens.

In 2020, Pew Research estimates that 32 million Latinos will be eligible to vote, a 4.7 million increase from 2016. Five states host close to 70 percent of the Latino vote. These are California with 7.9 million, Texas with 5.6 million, Florida with 3.1 million, New York with 2 million, and Arizona with 1.2 million.


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