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Latino Parents Can Play Important Role in Children’s Educational

An executive director at Tri-City Educators in Los Angeles, Christopher Bianco Arellano holds a doctor of education from Pepperdine University. In earning the degree, Christopher Bianco Arellano wrote a dissertation that analyzed the results of a study he conducted on the connection between parenting and student performance in Latino communities in Southern California.

An article on highlighted the important role Latino parents can play in their children’s education. Titled “What I learned in 25 years of being a Latino parent engagement advocate – ‘Knowing the school system can really transform everything,’” the article featured insights from Maria Elena Meraz, the founder of the nonprofit Parent Engagement Academy. As an advocate and mother, she is committed to inspiring immigrant and Latino parents to be more engaged in their children’s studies and schools.

Meraz stated that, based on her experience working in schools in Mexico and Los Angeles, there is an urgent need for Latino parents to learn the ins and outs of educational systems. She pointed to the disparity between the academic performance of Latino students and the statewide averages in California. For instance, Latino students on average scored 10 percentage points below the statewide averages in math and reading tests in 2018. In conclusion, she listed some benefits that Latino parents receive by becoming involved with local schools, such as learning just what their children need to succeed.


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